Our difference
Hassle-free scheduling with future-proof technology

The Sedes smart desk-booking system is an intuitive web and mobile-based platform that puts people first, allowing them to manage where they work with ease.

Sedes keeps employees safe by controlling building density to maintain social distancing. At the same time, it assures people that desks have been cleaned after each use to make sure they’re not exposed to unnecessary risks.

As a SaaS platform developed from scratch, Sedes has no legacy software baggage. It’s not expensive, it can be tailored to what you want, and it’s more secure because it doesn’t rely on any third-party software.

Thrive beyond the coronavirus

Business life as we knew it has changed since Covid-19. And it’s going to keep changing, with flexible space solutions becoming the norm. Use our SaaS software to plan your employees’ return to a new, safe workplace with no disruption. Lay the groundwork for long-standing transformational change.

  • Manage people and space with confidence
  • Effortless to install (no hard wiring needed)
  • Scale up quickly and globally
  • Automated desk-booking frees up facilities management staff
  • Specifically developed – no legacy system baggage
  • Seize the chance to future-proof office management
Visibility and control for business

Set occupancy levels for buildings by floors, neighbourhoods, teams or desks.

Manage desk availability

Create more social distance and space if required. Rotate desks in and out of use for cleaning.

Give employees peace of mind

Assure employees that social distancing is being maintained and controlled across all buildings.

Target cleaners to specific areas

Control costs and ensure employees remain safe by giving used areas a deep clean.

Enjoy flexible working and a safe return to the office

Multiple ways of working have become the new normal since Covid-19. Sedes’ smart desk-booking tool gives employees the flexible working they seek, plus peace of mind when they decide to work in the office. Using our easy booking app, they can:
  • Choose a date and time to enter the office
  • Feel liberated from commuting stress
  • Fit home-life commitments around work
  • Work in an office that’s sanitised and safe
  • Be notified after contact with a colleague who falls ill
Flexible working at your fingertips

Have the flexibility to choose when to work from home or an office.

Log in and book with confidence

It’s easy to log in to the app or online and choose an office location.

Assurance that it’s safe to return

Book a desk apart from others and know it’s cleaned before and after use.

Avoid traffic jams on arrival

Get an email boarding pass and a time slot to enter the building without fear of congestion at Reception.

Transforming the workplace after Covid-19

The world of work has changed since the Covid-19 pandemic. The corporate office will never be the same again. Sedes’ smart SaaS desk-booking system helps you manage company offices cleanly, safely and efficiently as employees return to work in multiple ways.

Safeguard employees

Maintain social distance and manage contact tracing

Simplify hoteling and onboarding

Save time and remove complexity with an automated system

Target cleaning

Sanitise the office – make it as Covid-safe as possible

Future-proof the workplace

Reimagine the company office for whatever the future holds.

Freedom to choose where and how to work

Many people will decide to blend working from home with working in the office or shared space, remote office or co-working space. Sedes’ SaaS smart desk-booking helps you manage where employees work with ease, making it simple for them to choose where to work.

Book desks in advance

Reserve your desk – hassle-free booking for individuals and teams.

Control workplace density

Manage the spread of desks for a healthy, safe environment.

Integrate booking

Brand Sedes your way and integrate it with other flexible working systems

Collaborate in any workspace

Disable or enable areas to maximise or switch use to collaboration rooms