Our organisation wants to move to hybrid working. How can Sedes help?

Sedes desk reservations and room booking software make it easy for you to offer a better employee experience, so they can choose to work in the office, in a hub, at a hot desk, from home or a hybrid mix.

Our system ensures social distancing and capacity limits, making employees feel safe and confident about returning to the office. And you gain control of your inventory with reports generated on desk and room use, so you know what people are using and what they are not.

Employees hate it when a space is overbooked, or a meeting runs over. What can Sedes do about that?
Sedes’ use of location-based QR codes gives you an accurate picture of who is using the space so it doesn’t become overbooked.

With QR code-based check-in and check-out, Sedes helps to stop ‘no shows’ and creates real-time data, generating a picture of how your staff use your workspace. Then it allows you to make better decisions about workspace management.

Hybrid working could mean more work for managers dealing with communication issues. Can your system tackle that?

Sedes is an easy-to-use source of truth where you can access resources, real-time information and documentation about space utilisation and hot desk availability at any time.

Managing global bookings from a centralised place means less work for managers, allowing them to work on a productive, forward-facing activity instead of desk-booking administration.

It’s challenging to track the use of desks, pods, meeting rooms and other spaces. Will Sedes give us clarity on that?
Yes. One of the system’s benefits is your control of how you use your workspace. And you can make savings by tracking which space is used least and save on energy costs.
Can you book other assets as well as workspace?

Absolutely. The beauty of the Sedes system is that you can add a QR code to any resource, not just desks, hot desks and pods.

So, for example, our integration with eLocker.com means you can book a locker at the same time you book a desk. The system can even support parking space bookings, which you could book when you’re reserving a desk in advance (hoteling).

What about our people’s names and other data – does the system keep it safe?

Sedes provides top-grade encryption and is fully GDPR compliant, handling your employees’ and contractors’ private data according to applicable legislation. Find out how we use personal data.

Save on space

Sedes prevents you from wasting space and deters ‘no shows’ by connecting sites on one dashboard in real-time and using QR codes to confirm arrival and departure.

Customisable options

Choose from a wide range of desk-booking options, including hot-desking (on-the-fly booking) and desk hoteling (reserving in advance) by mobile app or via a dashboard.

Easy to deploy

Our SaaS-based system allows you to connect to any site and scale up globally. There’s no need for expensive on-site hardware or connections to your intranet.

Keep everyone safe

With Sedes’ combined space-usage data and contact tracing, you keep everyone safe. Employees can raise a flag if they have Covid symptoms, and others nearby are notified.

Fast problem solving

Sedes allows your users to report technical issues with desks and resources to managers inside the booking application, so you can fix your resources quickly, reducing downtime.

Return with confidence

The Sedes platform lets employees book desks, rooms, pods, parking spaces and more with confidence before arrival. It allows you to create teams, save time and aid collaboration
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