Bring people and spaces together anywhere
Sedes makes it easy for teams to book resources on the go or in advance through the browser or using our mobile app. So choosing when and where to meet, work and collaborate while hybrid working is effortless. A clear dashboard helps keep employees safe by giving managers an overview of density and demand and adjusting the workspace to cope with potential overcrowding.
Choose where to work
Reduce workspace density
Control space and capacity
Decide when to work
Contact tracing and notification
Real-time data on use of space

Choose where to work

Reduce workspace density

Control space and capacity

Decide when to work

Contact tracing and notification

Real-time data on use of space

Workplace scheduling tools

Choose your best hybrid working space with confidence

Sedes helps you banish meeting over-runs, last-minute panic, and ‘no-show’ frustration by confirming you have a desk before you travel – inspiring faith in hybrid working among your employees.

Easy to use
Empower your team to book places to meet and work anywhere in advance or on the fly.
Book with certainty
Prevent wasted journeys by scanning a QR code to see whether a desk, meeting room or parking space is booked – and find alternatives.
Centralise your info
Give managers a robust, centralised system to access information at any time.
How it works
Effortless to implement
Sedes’ standalone desk booking system uses no on-site hardware and does not need to use your intranet.
Seamless to deploy
SaaS makes it easy to deploy our desk booking system anywhere and everywhere – and it is future-proof.
Simple onboarding
Use CSV or our open APIs to import data about countries, sites, floor plans and users, friction-free.
How to book
Open the app
Log in to the app or use a browser to access the dashboard.
Pick a desk
Choose your preferred workspace from the desks available.
Check-in and out

Scan the QR code on the desk, room, or another resource to check-in and out.

Receive confirmation about who is using the space and that they used it.
Give your team leaders the power to create teams and make team bookings.
How to track workspace use
See what you’re using
Generate reports to see how people use the workspace and manage it more efficiently.
Keep everyone safe
Enable or disable sites, floors, or desks to meet demand and ensure social distancing.
Save on energy costs
Limit occupancy and density to enable social distancing and make savings by not powering up unused rooms.
Keep a safe distance
Use contact information to make an informed decision about occupancy and allow for desks to be sanitised thoroughly.
Track and trace
Report Covid symptoms
Allow users to raise a flag and report to HR if they feel unwell and have suspected Covid-19 symptoms.
Contact tracing
Identify who was in the office through audit trails and logs, then quarantine desks, sites, or users.
Stop overcrowding
Empower managers to restrict users and prevent overcrowding.

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