Workplace management software
Workplace scheduling that manages the return to the office after Covid-19
Choose where to work
Reduce workspace density
Control space and capacity
Effective workspace sanitisation
Office contact tracing

Choose where to work

Reduce workspace density

Control Space and Capacity

Effective work sanitisation

Office contact Tracing

We’ve got every area covered
Easy, hassle free desk selection

Sedes’ SaaS workplace management platform offers flexible desk-booking for employees and agile office management for employers.

If you’re an office manager, you simply log into the dashboard using a mobile or web browser. Then use it to plan a smooth return to the office, create a better, safer environment for the workforce, and reduce costs for the business.

For employees, the platform’s scheduling assistant helps you select your workspace and reserve your desk, knowing you’re returning to a safe, sanitised office.

How it works
Effortless to implement
No on-site hardware to worry about or legacy system to update
No limits – scale up globally
SaaS makes the solution easy to deploy anywhere and everywhere – and it’s future-proof
Easy to use
Plan, track and reconfigure the workplace from the app or web dashboard
Keep track of your workspace
Delivers visibility
View all of your sites from the dashboard, so you can manage scheduling and collaboration across the business
Flexibility and control
Enable or disable sites, floors, areas or desks to meet rising and falling demand, while ensuring social distancing
Control occupany levels
Limit occupancy and density to make sure social distancing takes place at all times

Effective and regular sanitisation

Schedule cleaning
Control the cleaning schedule and ensure regular sanitisation of desks between uses
Target cleaning
Maximise effectiveness and reduce costs by targeting cleaning times only to workspaces that were used
Follow the trail
Use the cleaner dashboard to assign work orders and run an audit trail to monitor performance and keep people safe
Track and trace
Raise a flag
React fast and control the spread of the coronavirus by reporting when an employee is confirmed as Covid-19 positive
Contact tracing
Audit trails allow you to identify who was in the office, when and where they sat so action can be taken if an employee contracts Covid-19
Aid collaboration by allowing teams to book areas such as meeting rooms and to find colleagues
How to book
Open the app
It’s easy to log into the app or use a browser to access the dashboard
Pick a desk
Select your workspace from the desks available and reserve your desk at a social distance from colleagues
Stay Safe
Peace of mind knowing your desk was cleaned before you arrived and will be after
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