How to turn your hot desks into smart desks
June 2, 2020
Hot desking can be a huge benefit to your company, especially if improved workplace utilisation is crucial to achieving your business objectives. Implementing a hot desk solution in the workplace can be an effective strategy to boost productivity, improve communication and collaboration, and ultimately, increase profits. According to experts at; “Hot desking has been shown to reduce the cost of running an office by up to 30%.” Switching to hot desks can be an excellent way to maximise space and create a more flexible working environment. That being said, hot desks must be implemented correctly to avoid potential problems such as seating issues and company downtime. With this in mind, here are some useful tips to help you turn your hot desks into smart desks:

Invest in desk management software

Desk management software will enable you to automate desk allocation and manage your hot desks more efficiently. This will help you streamline processes and maintain an organised workspace. Our desk management platform SEDES, allows employees to book a workspace via a secure online booking form before arriving in the office. Having this feature eliminates the need for managers to spend large amounts of time organising desk allocation and seating arrangements in the office. This allows managers to focus more of their time and resources on developing core areas of the business. Investing in efficient desk management software should be a key step in boosting the efficiency of your smart desk system.

Use analytics to identify inefficiencies early

Moving to hot desks can be a huge cultural change for a company and various problems can arise if hot desks are managed poorly. You must, therefore, monitor your hot desk system closely and identify inefficiencies early. This will enable you to make necessary adjustments to ensure that your workplace is running at the optimal level. Fortunately, organisations have access to a wealth of analytics data that can be utilised to improve the efficiency of business processes and support sustainable growth. All managers should take advantage of analytics tools to monitor their hot desking systems and identify ways to improve their working environment. Our desk management platform comes with analytical tools integrated into the SEEDES software. This allows you to generate regular reports on the effectiveness of your hot desk system and upgrade your system as and when needed.

Provide employee lockers

One potential problem with hot desks is that they typically provide less personal space and privacy when compared to traditional static workspace solutions. Installing lockers, like the solutions offered by eLocker, can be a simple way to provide staff with additional space in the office. Having personal items stored away will also help keep desks clutter-free and minimise the risks of accidents or injuries in the workplace. This is especially important given the current situation with the coronavirus. Companies returning to the workplace must take steps to protect their employees and minimise the risk of infection. Enforcing a clear desk policy will help keep desks clean and compliant with government guidelines.


The modern business workspace is evolving and many organisations are now recognising the many benefits that hot desking can offer. Implementing a hot desk system in your business can be an effective way to optimise available workspace, boost office morale, and encourage collaboration within your team. Although to be effective, your hot desk system must be well-planned and designed to match your business needs. Use the above tips to improve the efficiency of your hot desks and create a smarter and more productive office environment.