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We are Sedes
Sedes is software platform that makes agile working a breeze wherever you are. It was developed by our co-founders, Jamie Rothwell and Jacob Hinson, from an original idea by Jamie. In case you were wondering, “Sedes” is Latin for seat.
Agile working is in our genes

As the inventor of the Hotbox portable storage system (Jamie) and the brains behind e-Locker (Jacob), our co-founders have decades of combined experience at the forefront of flexible working solutions. Their agile working brands are trusted by global companies, including Amazon, Google, DHL, Facebook, JPMC, KPMG, Salesforce and Xero.

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Our story
“Problem can become opportunity when the right people come together.”

Robert Redford, Film actor and director

Two years ago, Hotbox inventor Jamie Rothwell spotted a problem. Businesspeople were frazzled by their inability to book a hot-desk in co-working space. Adding to their frustration was the time wasted travelling on packed commuter trains, only to find every desk occupied.

The solution? Create a desk-booking system that secured a desk at the right time on the day the customer needed it. The idea simmered, until the seismic shift caused by Covid-19 and a chance conversation with eLocker owner Jacob Hinson focused Jamie’s mind.

Jamie said: “I was struggling to find the right technology to deploy a desk-booking tool cost-effectively and globally. That’s when I had a chat with Jacob and discovered eLocker’s SaaS platform was the perfect base for building a software solution.”

Jacob agreed, and set his in-house development team to work building a SaaS desk booking system from the ground up. Five months later, Sedes was born – paving the way for hassle-free desk booking whatever the future holds.