Desk booking software that makes hybrid working and the return to the office simple.
With a shift to hybrid working, organisations need an easy to use solution that empowers employees to choose when and where they would like to work, at the same time giving organisations visibility of density and demand across all their sites in one clear dashboard.
The only space booking tool you need to
return to the workplace safely
Effortless to implement
The Sedes software platform allows organisations to connect any site anywhere. Sedes is SaaS based so can be scaled globally and requires no on-site hardware or connection to an organisation’s intranet. Use the Sedes phone App or web browser to book your space.
Return with confidence
Sedes lets employees book spaces with confidence before arriving. Sedes allows employees to book desks, rooms, pods, parking spaces and more. Create teams to save time and aid collaboration.
Smarter workplaces
Sedes connects sites together with a single clear dashboard. Check in and check out of booked spaces using the Sedes mobile app to scan a unique QR code at each space to confirm arrival and departure. This ensures real time updates and no wasted space.
Contact tracing
Sedes gives businesses downloadable utilisation data to allow them to confirm who was where and when. Sedes allows employees to raise a flag if they show any symptoms of Covid-19 which allows organisations to notify other employees, keeping everyone safe and secure.
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